About Us

At SG Optics, we are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of optics. With years of expertise and innovation, we’ve carved a niche as a leading provider of optical solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.
With a base of operations in Shanghai and a branch company in the city of Fuzhou, we are well placed in the powerful industrial regions for optics.

Our Product Offerings:

1.Optical Components:
-Custom Solutions: Recognizing that every project has unique requirements, our team specializes in crafting bespoke optical components tailored to specific needs.
-Ready-to-Ship Inventory: Alongside our custom offerings, we maintain a comprehensive inventory of standard optical components, ensuring rapid delivery and availability.

2.Diverse range
-From lenses and prisms to filters and mirrors, our product portfolio spans a broad range of optical components,meeting varied application demands.
– Each component undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring optimal performance, durability,and precision.